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New Holiday Menu Item's...

Our Family Loves to cook with wine & liquor (look for it in our Homemade Sauces)


Christmas Cobbler

Cranberry Orange Cobbler cooked with Grand Marnier in a homemade butter crust

Mediterranean "Holiday" Feta Roll

green pesto, red sun dried tomatoes, calamata olives, cream cheese, feta cheese, served with homemade baked pita chips

Christmas Chicken

Grilled Breast of Chicken served with fresh green Basil, Red Sun dried Tomatoes, goat cheese in a lemon Butter sauce

Cranberry Orange Grilled Chicken

served with Cranberry Orange sauce infused with brandy

Pumpkin Humus

served with cinnamon and sugar baked pita chips

Cognac Chicken

Amaretto Cheddar Cheese Dip w/Fancy Crackers

Grilled Shrimp Vermouth

Beef Tenderloin

We cater only the finest Beef there is and we serve it with a Shiitake Cabernet Mushroom Wine Sauce.

 Maple Pecan Pie Infused w/ Bourbon

 Raspberry  Crumble Bars with Toasted Almonds



Happy Thanksgiving San Antonio!

"Thanksgiving is the only day of the year when OUR COUNTRY is United in what we are eating!"

Quoted (40 years) by: Executive Chef Michele, San Antonio, TX. 


Holiday Menu

 Fresh Roasted Sliced Turkey

Maple Orange Glazed Ham cooked with Dark Brown Sugar

 Homemade Cornbread Stuffinig

Homemade Creamed Gravy 

 Homemade Scrumptious Creamed Potatoes

 Sweet Candied Yams  served with Marshmallows

Fresh Green Bean Casserole 

Cranberry Orange Relish Infused with Brandy 

 Soft Rolls 

Homemade Pumpkin Crumble Pie

Homemade Buttermilk Pecan Pie  


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