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Appetizers to accompany any Package you would like.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray

Marinated Fresh Vegetable Crudité 

Mediterranean Feta Roll with our homemade baked pita chips

Grilled Chicken Diablos in a jalapeño shell with seasoned cream cheese, wrapped with bacon & baked in the oven

Shrimp Remoulade is Large Shrimp in a New Orleans tarter sauce made of Mayo, Creole Mustard, & Horseradish. 

Marinated Beef with purple onion, & capers on a crisp cucumber wedge & drizzled with horseradish mayo sauce. 

Italian Meatballs w/ homemade marinara and parmesan 

Smoked Salmon Mousse in a phyllo cup w/ capers 

Antipasto with fancy crackers 

Hot Artichoke and Jumbo Lump Crab Dip w/Homemade Toasted Rounds

Hot Chili Cheese Dip w/ Fresh Tostito Chips 

Honey Ginger Chicken Tenders Drizzled with Honey, Ginger Sauce

Homemade Hummus w/baked pita chips 

Crusted Ravioli w/ Ricotta Cheese

Custom Made Appetizer-

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